ArchLinux PKGBUILDS (published on the AUR)
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Cedric Girard 0390b70e3c
upgpkg: roundcubemail-plugin-contextmenu 3.3.1-1
2 weeks ago
aurutils upgpkg: aurutils 7.2-1 4 months ago
autojump-git upgpkg: autojump-git 22.5.3.r0.g06e082c-6 7 months ago
cpp-alsa-volume Add 'cpp-alsa-volume/' from commit 'ad4bdad95e0326b21c41e5d0c6667d3d2c9d29df' 3 years ago
dendrite-git upgpkg: dendrite-git 0.8.5.r2.gcd8246051-1 2 months ago
freshrss upgpkg: freshrss 1.19.2-1 4 months ago
freshrss-extensions-git upgpkg: freshrss-extensions-git r136.7af45f2-1 1 year ago
gammastep-git upgpkg: gammastep-git 2.0.7.r1.gc5c3ac0-1 7 months ago
gmpc-plugins Add 'gmpc-plugins/' from commit 'b758f75167bf10573fd83e945ee9a36116ee16c6' 3 years ago
gscanbus Add 'gscanbus/' from commit 'cec064081a36b535b7bddd98fb370ad5c6e566e5' 3 years ago
kodi-addon-inputstream-adaptive upgpkg: kodi-addon-inputstream-adaptive 2.4.2-1 3 years ago
ledmon Add 'ledmon/' from commit 'a9d90ba8dcffa63f4823f5d3c2eecc89aed95dd0' 3 years ago
libcec-git upgpkg: libcec-git 3 years ago
libcrossguid-git upgpkg: libcrossguid-git 0.2.2.r52.gca1bf4b-1 3 years ago
libplatform-git upgpkg: libplatform-git 2.0.1.r2.g041a8c6-1 2 years ago
makemkv-libaacs upgpkg: makemkv-libaacs 11-3 3 years ago
mmv upgpkg: mmv 1.01b.orig-4 3 years ago
monitorix upgpkg: monitorix 3.14.0-1 6 months ago
moonlight-qt upgpkg: moonlight-qt 4.1.0-1 1 month ago
mpdrandom-git upgpkg: mpdrandom-git 1.3.0.r4.gacc37ed-2 10 months ago
nbimg Add 'nbimg/' from commit 'c8be6b3f4d204af4bc468d49f1ef6f8c4de1bab4' 3 years ago
nodejs-clean-css upgpkg: nodejs-clean-css 5.2.4-1 4 months ago
nodejs-csso upgpkg: nodejs-csso 5.0.3-1 4 months ago
nodejs-csso-cli upgpkg: nodejs-csso-cli 3.0.0-3 7 months ago
nodejs-less upgpkg: nodejs-less 4.1.2-2 7 months ago
pbin-git Add 'pbin-git/' from commit '8fe34cd1ae14906e70851a06bbb88c5c2ec1e773' 3 years ago
perl-config-properties upgpkg: perl-config-properties 1.80-1 8 months ago
perl-dbd-csv upgpkg: perl-dbd-csv 0.58-1 8 months ago
perl-kwalify upgpkg: perl-kwalify 1.23-1 8 months ago
perl-net-ip-xs upgpkg: perl-net-ip-xs 0.21-1 8 months ago
perl-rpsl-parser upgpkg: perl-rpsl-parser 0.04000-2 2 months ago
perl-rrd-editor upgpkg: perl-rrd-editor 0.21-1 8 months ago
perl-servicenow-soap upgpkg: perl-servicenow-soap 0.16-2 8 months ago
perl-sql-statement upgpkg: perl-sql-statement 1.414-1 8 months ago
perl-template-simple upgpkg: perl-template-simple 0.06-1 8 months ago
perl-tie-hash-sorted upgpkg: perl-tie-hash-sorted 0.10-1 8 months ago
perl-zabbix2-api upgpkg: perl-zabbix2-api 0.014-1 10 months ago
py3status-git upgpkg: py3status-git 3.39.r4.gcafe0c7a-1 9 months ago
python-pathlib Add 'python-pathlib/' from commit '1d47dad0a3b915c6ee3ef0d7c49fda8b75b92a7e' 3 years ago
python-pynzb upgpkg: python-pynzb 0.1.0-1 1 year ago
python2-first Add 'python2-first/' from commit 'b6e300e8e31c5afdb5617aeefb8470c72bd125cd' 3 years ago
python2-flask-compress upgpkg: python2-flask-compress 1.4.0-1 3 years ago
python2-flask-restplus upgpkg: python2-flask-restplus 0.13.0-2 2 months ago
python2-pytvmaze Add 'python2-pytvmaze/' from commit '1c2efcbba124e73424a0c68d343150c86206be3e' 3 years ago
python2-rarfile upgpkg: python2-rarfile 3.1-1 3 years ago
python2-requests-git upgpkg: python2-requests-git v2.21.0.16.gc9309e4c-1 3 years ago
python2-safe upgpkg: python2-safe 0.4-1 1 year ago
python2-zxcvbn upgpkg: python2-zxcvbn 4.4.28-1 3 years ago
roundcubemail-git upgpkg: roundcubemail-git 1.5rc.r105.g16c2a76fe-1 10 months ago
roundcubemail-plugin-contextmenu upgpkg: roundcubemail-plugin-contextmenu 3.3.1-1 2 weeks ago
rxp Add 'rxp/' from commit '5d67db4cd44c79a7447ccafc0c51a089658484ca' 3 years ago
scaphandre upgpkg: scaphandre 0.4.1-1 9 months ago
stlarch_icons upgpkg: stlarch_icons 1.2-2 2 years ago
vim-arduino-syntax-git upgpkg: vim-arduino-syntax-git r19.adbc477-1 2 years ago
vim-hybrid-git Initial upload: vim-hybrid-git r46.cc58baa-1 3 years ago
vim-indent-guides upgpkg: vim-indent-guides 1.7-1 2 years ago
vim-live-latex-preview Add 'vim-live-latex-preview/' from commit '3dc08dd76da2460667f5c60044a7e4ccefe1f719' 3 years ago
vim-logstash-git upgpkg: vim-logstash-git r11.6d96810-1 3 years ago
wallabag upgpkg: wallabag 2.4.2-1 1 year ago
wfuzz upgpkg: wfuzz 2.3.4-3 3 years ago
wlay-git upgpkg: wlay-git r21.7018252-2 3 years ago
.gitignore Initial commit 3 years ago Add AUR package list page URL 3 years ago


ArchLinux PKGBUILDS (published on the AUR)