OpenShift on Devolab configuration
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Devolab OpenShift

Necessary files to deploy OpenShift 3.x on Devolab.



  1. Order an OpenStack Project on the ITPortal with sufficient quotas
  2. Deploy a bastion VM, based on CentOS with the smallest available flavor.
  3. Checkout this repo on your local machine
  4. Update the inventory/bastion-inventory with your provisionned bastion
  5. Run the prereq_ansible_host.yml playbook from your computer against the inventory:
ansible-playbook -i inventory/bastion-inventory prereq_ansible_host.yml -v

Infrastructure provisionning

  1. SSH into the bastion server
  2. Checkout this repo and move into the directory
  3. Edit the inventory/group_vars/all.yml to your liking
  4. Clone the release-3.11 branch from the openshift-ansible repository:
git clone --single-branch --branch release-3.11
  1. Run the provision playbook:
ansible-playbook --user openshift -i openshift-ansible/playbooks/openstack/ -i inventory openshift-ansible/playbooks/openstack/openshift-cluster/provision.yml -v
  1. Run the update_host_file.yml playbook to update host files on each provisionned host (except if some DNSaaS has been put in place on Devolab).
  2. Ask DNS administrator to add the following entries into Devolab DNS (put the correct IP addresses and replace openshift.devolab.lan with the correct domain name):
console.openshift.devolab.lan IN A <master_floating_IP>
*.apps.openshift.devolab.lan IN A <infra_floating_IP>

OpenShift Installation

  1. Edit the inventory/group_vars/OSEv3.yml to your liking
  2. Edit the extra_vars/auth_ldap.yml with the LDAP account to use to bind to the LDAP server
  3. Run the installation playbook:
ansible-playbook --user openshift -i openshift-ansible/playbooks/openstack/ -i inventory -e '@extra_vars/auth_ldap.yml' openshift-ansible/playbooks/openstack/openshift-cluster/install.yml -v